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The Essence of Femininity - a Midsummer Retreat

Welcome to fill your well of femininity, celebrate Midsummer and honor the beginning of a new cycle.

The Essence of Femininity - a Midsummer Retreat
The Essence of Femininity - a Midsummer Retreat

Time & Location

22 juni 2023 16.00 – 25 juni 2023 14.00

Helsingfors, Ridars, 01150 Sibbo, Finland

About The Event

Midsummer and summer solstice in the North invites us to celebrate the peak of light and abundance of life – as well as the beginning of a new cycle. Midsummer marks the transition from an extrovert, active and achieving period towards a more introspective, healing, and nourishing period.

Femininity represents the creative force and the full cycle of life. Femininity is carried out in birth, growing, blossoming, maturing and dying. Midsummer is full of this creative force and the connection of all living,

Femininity, as the energy that balances the masculine sun energy, is also retreating, recovering and re-connecting with the inner world. Midsummer is the beginning of shortening days, gently bringing us towards a growing connection with our inner, feminine world.

The essence of Femininity – a Midsummer Retreat offers you a profound break from your everyday tasks, patterns and thoughts. During the retreat you will plunge into deeply relaxing and restorative yoga, free yourself in creative movement, ground yourself in and nature and soothe yourself in the soft warmth of the sauna. The retreat will also give you space and time for yourself, for peace and rest.

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