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About Us

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Our Story

In the mid 80's we started to look for a spot where we could build us a life close to nature. By a coincidence we found this abandoned place and fell in love with it.  Since then we have lived here, slowly building up it to what it is now; a pocket of tranquility - yet vivid and full of life.


We who invite you to stay are;


  • Marianne. creator and caretaker of koto, mother, free-lance documentarist, home-gardener and hobby-ceramicist. 

  • Tinja, nature and animal lover who will take care of your wellbeing through yoga classes, massages and delicious food

  •  Chuck our stray dog from Romania. Friendly and kind, but with a reluctancy written in his DNA.

  • Django, a young ever-friendly bloodhound. With him along on forest-walks there is no risk of not finding your way back.


  • Veda, Ida and Pingala, our social and delightful sheep. They keep the fields open, the grass cut and us happy.

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